best studying pill 2014
I have had issues with focusing, studying, concentrating, planning and organizing all through my school career, and this is one of the experiences that have haunted me for many years. All my family has had a successful college and university career. I am directly related to a wide range of overachievers that are really critical and skeptical about my struggles.

I have taken so many therapy sessions, different types of ADHD prescription drugs, hypnosis and many other things within the last three or four years which have been helping me to stay focused on my ambitions. The problem is I don’t really like the drugs, particularly the stimulant type, and have experienced side effects with them.

I have tested Concerta, Adderall, Daytrana, Focalin, and Ritalin, to mention but a few, but they do not seem to suit me. They just didn’t just work for me as I had hoped. In every different prescription medication, I have found out some annoying side effects inherent in it.

Perhaps, it is due to my hatred and intention to do without RX that prompted me to say no to the doctor and look for alternatives to ADHD prescription meds or stimulants.

I was thinking it could have been the safe, effective and an legal over the counter solution I have been looking for, but I cannot state categorically that it has helped someone with extreme complex issues like me. So, from what I have seen, I can’t recommend it from the ADHD perspective, but it is worth ordering these otc pills if you have much milder concentration, attention, and organizational issues. For me, I will continue my search for something that gives me the boost in focus I am looking for.