Addtabz Review 2013 Over the last few months, my classmates have spoken very convincingly about this product, though initially I thought I would not possibly buy into it, just because of the hype, I was still interested in the top 2014 focus and study pills and supplements out there.

Finally, I came in contact with it when I was looking for something that would give me peace of mind so I could really focus on my work. I bought Addtabz pills to get a feel for it, and to be able to make a critical evaluation of it.

At first I was slightly disappointed at the insufficient information and poorly constructed web store. I may be a bit critical though, because I am a website designer. My friends had not been scammed previously though, so I had some reason to trust in the online ordering process. If Gentech Pharmaceuticals reads this, I am proficient in designing a beautiful websites at affordable rates, please contact me! At least get somebody to redo it.

Anyway, I have used this product for a while, and I can say that it actually helps concentration and focus. Just like other products, you will have to put in all the necessary efforts to avoid distractions, but this definitely helps and has enhanced my productivity within the few last weeks.

The ordering prices of Addtabz are not really cheap, but it is affordable. However, it is better if you are comparing it with other products like Concerta, Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin, and so on. My classmates and friends have used them and had their reservations about these products. I believe AddTabz is a better legal substitute for those that don’t wish to risk the side effects and legal implications of the prescription meds.

I am thinking of stopping to take this product this time, even though it is really affecting my ability to work, and saving the remaining dose for the future. Just like I have noted, this stuff is a game changer, and it gives some boost in so far as wishing to work harder. Don’t expect any miracles here, probably you have read amazing Addtabz testimonials and reports posted by other users, and always keep in mind that there is no replacement or substitute for willpower and discipline.