natural otc sleep aid I have been trying different teas, herbs and natural remedies for sleeping troubles ever since I was a kid and although I have had some decent experiences, nothing seems to stay potent for long and I am constantly switching up my supplement and nutritional routine to get the edge. I heard about remtabz sleeping pills from a buddy and although I was hesitant because there were no good or in-depth reviews or write-ups on it at the time, the fact I had heard about it from n actual person kind of made me feel better and trusting of the slightly amateur website.

I ordered some online at the main web store and I got them in really good delivery time. The first night I didn’t really notice much of an effect but that may be because I took them as soon as I received my package and was already wired for the day and with much coffee and energy in me. Day 2 and 3 (I’m only day 4 now) were pretty darn good with the sleeping pills really zonking me out a short while after I took the recommended dose and was settling in for bed. I can tell a good product when I am reading before bed. I always have such an easy time reading and staying awake when not on a strong sleeping aid or something my body has got used to, but if I switch up to a new product of decent quality I don’t seem to be able to read for long.

Like I said it is a little early to tell how great this product is, and I hate the fact they call it a Herbal Ambien Alternative (ha, maybe but not even close to as strong), but figured I’d leave a quick little first impressions review and thoughts on Remtabz as there really isn’t all that much out there available on the web yet.

Ill report back any side effects, tolerance, problems and how I feel about this once I have used it more than 5 days.