Mynoxidrin is one of the top over the counter hair loss products available in 2016 from Nexgen Biolabs. This product is specially made with ingredients that are effective in enhancing hair health in both men and women. It works on both the external and internal aspects of the hair where it makes hair grow faster and also makes the appearance of the grown hair look beautiful. Because of its popularity is has become one of the most popular hair loss products and it is easily available over the counter.

The different properties of Mynoxidrin make it suitable to be used by both men and women. This means that there is no gender segregation when it comes to the use of this hair loss product. As a result it can be used by the entire family as long as anyone in the family has a hair issues. Here are some of the main benefits of this particular over the counter hair loss product:

best natural herbal hair growth supplement

It works in all types of hair

All its ingredients are extensively tested and confirmed to be safe

It is manufactured in FDA approved GMP facilities and therefore it is certified to be effective and safe

It works within a shorter time compared to most other hair loss products

It does not have side effects as long as it is used properly

It also strengthens nails and improves skin tone

Comes with a hundred percent money back guarantee therefore confirming its effectiveness

Mynoxidrin is made of more than twenty different ingredients which supports and compliments each other to enhance the health of the hair. These ingredients are mixed professionally by competent and highly qualified experts to ensure the combination produce the desired results. Here are some of its primary ingredients:

Biotin-helps in accelerating the rate of the hair growth

Panthothenic acid-provides support to natural hair follicle cycle

Choline/Inositol-helps to re-grow thinning hair

Betaine hydrochloride-helps to nourish the hair during the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle

nexgen biolabs mynoxidrin

This particular hair loss product from Nexgen Biolabs works through stimulating the hair follicles therefore making the hair grow faster and in a healthier manner. The ingredients of this product have a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The vitamins address the deficiencies which usually results to hair loss. The minerals on the other hand ensure that the growing hair has all the necessary qualities therefore making it healthier and vibrant. The amino acids found on the ingredients go to the follicles and accelerates the rate of hair growth including on the hair that had stopped growing because of different reasons. The combination of the different ingredients as a result works together to ensure the lost hair grows back being healthier. Therefore, as many Mynoxidrin customer reviews have noted across the web over the years, it is rightfully one of the best natural herbal hair growth products available today!