Takes a while before they do lots
Customer Remtabz Review by Hillary Charles on Nov 21 2013. Rating: 4 / 5

remtabz user testimonial I never took sleeping pills before in my life before purchasing a bottle of Remtabz online. I bought them because I was having difficulty sleeping due to some stressful events that recently happened in my life. The reason I chose Remtabz was because they claimed to not only help you get to sleep like Ambien, but also relax you like Xanax. There was also a few customer comments and reviews on a weblog I read sometimes that said good things about them. They seemed like what I needed for my situation. I bought them directly from Gentech. They were kind of expensive compared to some of the others with cheaper prices I looked at, but they sounded like they were the better suited than the others for what my sleeping problems were. So, I went ahead and bought a bottle, Gentech’s website was easy to use and they came pretty quick after I completed my purchase online.

The first night I tried them, they didn’t seem to help. I still lied in bed awake for an hour before I finally fell asleep. I woke up as I normally do. It was difficult to tell if I felt better rested than I normally do or if I was just thinking I did because I knew I was supposed to. Either way, I made it through the next day without feeling any grogginess or being overtired. That night I took another one and the same thing happened. I didn’t really feel a calming or sleepy effect for the first hour I lied in bed and then I finally fell asleep. The next day I tried taking the pill a little earlier before I wanted to go to bed than I had before and by the time I went to bed I think I felt a little more relaxed and sleepy than the previous days. I woke up feeling the same as the other days, no grogginess but difficult to tell if I felt like I had more energy because of the pills or not. I guess overall, I’d say they do help, but I just have difficultly telling how much they really do help. It doesn’t make it easier to judge them, not having taken any other products for sleeping troubles before in the past or knowing if maybe its just an ingredient in ‘Diazaclone’ that doesn’t agree with me personally.