I got my hands on a bottle of Doxiderol from a friend of mine who bought a large order before exam time to sell to some people that were looking for a boost in studying and reading. He had tried them before and said they really helped him stay focused and concentrated and that he swore he could read and study much better when taking these pills.

I phoned around locally trying to find stores that sell Doxiderol or if there was anywhere locally that it was for sale but had no luck, but at the online store I realized that he was charging people almost double the price (thank god were friends and didn’t overcharge me or I would be pissed) This really goes to show how desperate us college students can get.

Anyways back to reviewing the product… it does work quite well and although I didn’t get the results the ‘dealer’ made it sound like I would get I do credit them with helping me ease through the exams much easier. I was way more focused and attentive, and I was able to stay more alert where I usually get really sleepy and doze off in long cram sessions.

I did have a few side effects with Doxiderol that I didn’t see in other reviews like regular upset stomachs. Now I got to say that my diet isn’t exactly clean by any means during periods like this and is mostly junk food and snacks that I eat quickly and conveniently to avoid wasting time cooking, but I never have had a problem before. So there is definitely something in its Nuphetamine ingredient mix that doesn’t sit well in my stomach. I also found myself to be a bit moody. In a really good upbeat mood when I first took it but then later in the days quite irritable and anti-social. I am sure this was the pills as I am never snappy like I was even despite the stress of finals.Good overall product that I expect to get popular among campus. Just start slow and be careful of any interactions of negative Doxiderol side effects and you should enjoy the boost.