I have used prescription medications like Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Vyvanse, Adderall XR and Dexedrine in the past to help me stay focused, motivated and awake during long haul work and have always enjoyed the boost but realized its something that I have to be careful with and not get carried away. Not only are these drugs illegal but they can be quite a crutch and addictive and I have always been careful not to get carried away or lean too much on them for performance.

I heard about this product on a college site that was reviewing Doxiderol for focus enhancement and decided to give it a shot as a possible over the counter Adderall alternative that was legal, more natural and safe.

It does give you a little oomph but definitely not quite like the meds. Comparing Doxiderol vs Adderall is kind of like comparing apples vs oranges… They are both fruits in the sense they both make you more alert, focused and productive… but they both completely different things altogether.

Adderall against Doxiderol both have their pros and cons. I did like the fact that it was milder and more natural as well as legal which takes the stress and worry about taking or buying them away, but the medications definitely do provide longer and more potent effects.

I will probably still resort to the stronger stuff when absolutely necessary but in the mean time you can’t really go wrong with an OTC natural remedy for those more normal occasions with the slight boost that Doxiderol gives.

To each their own I guess but that’s my opinion on the differences and they both have their places for different reasons.