Bought these after seeing a promotion on a college website for them and then also some ads on Google and Facebook. They seemed to be getting some popularity and a quick look up of user Doxiderol reviews online made me pretty confident that it was at least an effective product even if it wasn’t the strongest ‘study pill’ out there (I have used illegal drugs like Adderall & Ritalin for studying before)

I was pretty darned impressed with this right off the hop and even more so when I started taking an extra pill in the afternoon (which my body wasn’t used to at first and made me anxious and such so be warned)

I had a really important paper to write which counted for a huge portion of my grade and I had been procrastinating on it forever only seeming to be able to concentrate on it for a couple paragraphs at a time before getting frustrated and distracted. Once the Doxiderol dosage would kick in I would actually want to go work on that paper and while I still procrastinated for a little while once I got started the increased attention and clarity with which I was able to write was very cool indeed.

I also lost quite a bit of weight while taking this as I just read another Doxiderol review mentioning, you just seem to stay busier while taking this energy pill. I’m sure the ingredients raise your body temperature a bit too and burns extra calories because when I tried to double the dose I was sweating pretty good. Honestly I think the biggest thing here isn’t an ingredient that causes you to lose weight but the fact that eating is a convenient excuse and distraction for those of us that have concentration and attention problems in the first place.

Good pill I’m going to be taking these for all my papers! So much cheaper and safer than trying to find the prescription pills that float around campus.