Xenitol Carb Control Drops is a natural-based liquid formula that is made specifically to aid in weight loss. It is intended specifically for those who are looking to lose weight, but are unable to or do not have the time to commit to a full-time diet program.

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Product Benefits
All Natural Product– it is touted by many consumers who have tried Xenitol as the best herbal weight loss drops. Unlike many other weight loss products, this supplement is completely natural and does not contain any additive or preservative that may have an adverse effect to a person’s health.

Easy to Use– The drops are easy to administer and usage does not require any prescription from a physician. All you need to do is take the recommended amount of drops everyday and let the ingredients do their job.

Effectively Neutralizes Starch Enzymes– Weight gain, especially around problem areas such as the stomach and buttocks, is usually caused by the accumulation of starch enzymes. Xenitol helps break down these enzymes so they do not turn into fat mass.

Enhances Digestive Process- Those who suffer from stomach problems such as indigestion or constipation can also find relief through the use of this supplement.

Faster Metabolism and Suppressed Appetite – Controlling the urge to consume fast food and other fattening foods can be quite challenging. Xenitol contains ingredients that naturally hold one’s appetite to a minimum for long periods. It also encourages faster metabolism, turning fat into usable energy. You may notice an increase in alertness during the day, which allows more productivity.

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Active Ingredients:
Garcinia Cambogia– This ingredient is popularly used in many natural weight loss products, as it is found be effective in increasing metabolism and reducing cravings.

Coffee Bean Extract– Xenitol also contacts a high concentration of Chlorogenic Acid, which is found in green coffee beans and is largely responsible for obliterating fat cells.

Aloe vera– This allows for better digestion, which is necessary in keeping the digestive tract healthy and capable of breaking down fats and other unnecessary food by-products.

How Does it Work?
The combination of the active ingredients results in high calorie deficiency. That is, the body is burning more calories than it ingests, which leads to weight loss. The appetite suppression effect means you get to maintain your ideal weight and remain on the heathy end of the scale. Xenitol works even without dieting, but it certainly provides even better effects for those who are already on a restrictive calorie diet.